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Meridican specializes in connecting our clients to exactly what they desire. We work with both public and private buyers. We offer years of experience in the brokerage and acquisition of specialized military hardware, including aircraft. Whether it be single planes or a small air-fleet, we can and will find, purchase, and deliver the requested aircraft, or other goods, for our clients.

We take pride in ensuring that all hardware is in full working order on delivery, using a network of suppliers and specialists to acquire and install new parts as needed. Our clients can always rest assured that anything bought through Meridican will be as close to mint condition as possible when they take possession of it.

Throughout the process, Meridican works with all parties to ensure our clients possess all necessary legal services and compliances. From making sure the import and export papers are in order, to ensuring the proper licenses are in hand, and keeping all the legal T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted, Meridican, will be there. And we do this while maintain all parties

Firsthand experience with, and knowledge of, the inner workings and complexities of foreign and domestic government decision processes, along with our passion and attention to detail, makes Meridican uniquely qualified to communicate client messages in a strong, clear voice
that is heard by the right people at the right time.

We provide the best Consulting services