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  • Meridican | Consulting firm

    Developing successful business strategies
    and winning solutions in any political climate.

  • Meridican | Consulting firm

    We offer years of experience in the brokerage and acquisition
    of specialized military hardware, including aircraft.

  • Meridican | Consulting firm

    Full-scale transfer of advanced American
    technologies to support global space programs.

  • Meridican | Consulting firm

    Promoting the use of green
    technologies around the world.

  • Meridican | Consulting firm

    Support of large-scale
    transactions with oil and gas.

  • Meridican | Consulting firm

    Submission of foreign nuclear fuel technologies
    for licensing and use in the United States.

  • Meridican | Consulting firm

    Exclusive partnership with advanced
    gas engine technology patent holders.

Meridican, LLC is a strategic advisory/implementation and government relations firm, developing business opportunities domestically and internationally – with companies ranging in size from early-stage enterprises to multinational corporations.


Meridican has extensive experience in a wide range of energy projects and sectors. We have expertise in performing benefit/cost analysis, resource planning, project financing and project implementation.

Infrastructure and Heavy Equipment

Meridican understands the challenges associated with public and private infrastructure and heavy equipment projects. From government approval to funding to contract negotiations, Meridican cuts through the forest of challenges, clearing the road to success.

Military Hardware/Aeronautics

We work with both public and private buyers. We offer years of experience in the brokerage and acquisition of specialized military hardware, including aircraft. Whether it be single planes or a small air-fleet, we can and will find, purchase, and deliver the requested aircraft, or other goods, for our clients.

Diplomacy and Government Relations

Meridican effectively represents our clients before local, state, federal and foreign governments. Our connections all over the world make us an excellent partner in unorthodox diplomatic communications in challenging regions. Over the years, we have helped to facilitate talks between governments, which would otherwise have been impossible.

Business Development

Business development takes rigor and discipline. We work closely with our clients to understand their business opportunities, including risks and rewards. This allows us to advise our clients about whether and how to proceed. We assist in the development of finance quality business plans, pro forma cash flow, and sources and uses of funds as a road map for success.

Technology & Communications

Meridican understands the importance of innovation. We therefore endeavor to connect clients with potential technological advances that can make their businesses or services more effective.