Nuclear Resources

In addition to the Executive Committee’s experience in the nuclear sector, Meridican has built an extensive team of nuclear experts with a broad set of expertise with the nuclear industry with hundreds of year of cutting edge experience. We also have excellent relationships with most of the key nuclear utilities in the United States.

Our nuclear team includes, for example:

• Past president of company that is now the largest full-service nuclear services company in the world. Technical focus on nuclear fuel performance, purchasing and licensing as well as nuclear plant operations. Experienced with both PWR and BWR technologies. Previously spent decades with one of the world’s largest nuclear engineering and supply companies. Holds degrees in metallurgical engineering and business administration. Member of national nuclear societies.

• Expert in nuclear waste management, having participated in the treatment and disposal of over 1.5 million cubic meters of nuclear waste. Managed nuclear waste disposition at sites in the US and the UK. Provide support to generators in all aspects of disposition of waste including characterization, packaging, transportation and treatment strategies relative to acceptance criteria. Interfaced with nuclear waste regulators, ensuring all waste received for treatment/disposal is compliant with regulating permits and licenses. In-depth familiarity with RCRA, TSCA and NRC waste classification guidance and regulations, as well as knowledge of hazardous waste treatment technologies required to ensure LDR compliance. Earned multiple engineering degrees.

• Pioneer of ‘life of plant’ contracts with nuclear utilities to handle all radioactive waste from nuclear power plants and the liability transfer for decommissioning of nuclear power plants. Innovator in the radioactive waste and nuclear materials management industry.

• Past senior vice president for world leading nuclear fuel and waste management company. Responsible for all licensing and permitting activities for the world-wide company. Managed the company’s regulatory affairs departments which include: Health Physics, Quality Assurance, Risk Management, and Licensing and Permitting. Numerous publications on worker dosage, non-routine events at low-level waste disposal facilities, thorium disposal, disposal cell design and plume and dose modelling. Also served as corporate radiation safety officer. Holds a degree in chemical engineering.

• Nuclear fuels expert who directed an Asian nuclear fuel company, was chief technologist for a world leading nuclear services company and advised the NRC. Provided engineering and licensing services to operating Boiling Water Reactors, worldwide. Managed classified and non-classified projects for NASA, JPL, DOE, and SDIO. Internationally recognized technical expert in nuclear fuels, materials, water chemistry, and advanced nuclear power systems. He is skilled in the analysis of fuel performance and cladding material analysis. Holds 14 patents and has published over forty technical papers on advanced nuclear power systems, materials technology and coolant technology in international journals including patents for Zirconium barrier fuel cladding. He has received numerous national and industry awards and recognition. He holds a BS in Metallurgical Engineering, a M.S. in and a Ph.D. Materials Science.

• A commercial nuclear engineer, including leadership of some of the industry’s leading edge projects. Responsible for design and engineering support of thirty-five nuclear plant construction projects worldwide. Collaborated on the next generation of nuclear power plants in Asia, a $4B undertaking that were completed on schedule and within budget, are today’s most advanced nuclear units in operation. General Manager for outage and maintenance support for more than sixty commercial nuclear plants worldwide. His efforts contributed to a steady improvement in capacity factor. Assistant General Manager on the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project. Holds a B.S. Degree in Engineering Science and S.M. and ScD. Degrees in Nuclear Engineering. He has published over 30 technical papers in the nuclear energy field, is a former recipient of the American Nuclear Society Mark Mills Award for doctor thesis research and a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society. Awarded the George Westinghouse Gold Medal Award of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for his contributions to commercial nuclear power.

• Past Vice-President of Nuclear Engineering for one the largest nuclear utilities in the US, responsible for nuclear fuel activities including nuclear design, safety analysis, thermal-hydraulics, procurement of nuclear fuel, and out-of-core management, and other engineering responsibilities including materials engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. Responsible for capital improvement projects in nuclear and fossil stations and for obtaining the operating licenses for seven nuclear reactors. Member of the American Nuclear Society and currently on the Board of Governors of a project which has obtained an operating license to build a mixed oxide fabrication plant. Holds a BS in Nuclear Engineering. • Internationally recognized technical expert in nuclear fuel, nuclear materials, and BWR and PWR core components. Chief Core Materials Engineer at one of largest US nuclear utilities overseeing the development and in-core testing of new BWR and PWR fuel designs, channels, and control blades. Group Leader at a leading US nuclear National Laboratory, doing research on both irradiated and non-irradiated nuclear fuel materials. Received numerous EPRI awards for First Use nuclear reactor applications. Chairman of EPRI core material subcommittee and Member of EPRI Materials and Systems Committee. Published over 80 technical papers on nuclear alloy systems, fission product behavior, and BWR and PWR fuel and core component performance. Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Ceramics. Holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, and M.S. and Ph.D. in Metallurgy.

• Numerous past executives and technical experts from the Kurchatov Institute with extensive experience in nuclear engineering and related fields.