• Assembled a system of resin management, nuclear waste incineration technology and other related equipment and technology for nuclear waste management.

• Exclusive partnership with world leading polymer company for the permanent treatment of problematic and difficult-to-manage ion exchange resins.

• Transferred innovative nuclear waste processing technology to new markets.

• Managed the full range of the front-end of the nuclear fuel cycle, including uranium mining, milling, conversion, and enrichment, as well as nuclear fuel licensing, and fuel assembly fabrication.

• Particular expertise in radioactive waste processing, transportation, and disposal, including developing the safest and most cost-effective methods of processing and disposal in the world.

• Developed innovative methods for the remediation of radioactively contaminated sites and for the decommissioning of facilities that have used radioactive materials, including nuclear power plants, at dramatically lower cost than industry expectations had previously allowed.

• Promoted and implemented nuclear non-proliferation strategies between the US and Russia.

• Developed program to transfer foreign nuclear fuel technology for licensing and use in the United States.

• Advised on economic and regulatory strategies after the Three Mile Island accident.

• Developed financing plans for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

• Developed regulatory programs that improved nuclear power plant productivity.

• Developed benefit/cost analysis and environmental impact statements for nuclear plant licenses.

• Organized visits for business, technical and governmental delegations from Russia and the United States, including visits to the Kurchatov Institute and to restricted US nuclear facilities.